Pacific Lionfish have invaded Atlantic and Caribbean waters.

With no known predators, the population of these extremely prolific carnivores has exploded over the last 10 years. Lionfish will eat anything up to half their size, including juvenile grouper and snapper. The overall impact on reef systems and important commercial fisheries is still unknown.

Grills is very concerned about the problem, but we feel that you, our customers, can be a huge part of the solution! Contrary to popular belief lionfish meat is not poisonous; in fact, the venomous spines protect some of the most delicious white flakey meat you will ever taste.

After experimenting with many recipes and cooking techniques Grills is very excited to offer you our “FROILED” Asian Lionfish. Par fried whole lionfish, glazed with their own sweet and savory sauce, then broil finished to fall off the bone perfection. You will not be disappointed!

We are paying top dollar for divers willing to take the risk! We need more lionfish!

Lionfish Served


Pounds of invasive Lionfish removed from our reefs


Be a #Liontamer

To become part of our Lion Tamer Team you will need

  • A Commercial Saltwater Products License (Anyone can apply for the basic Saltwater Products License)
  • The Annual fee is $50 ( when you have a Saltwater Products License you do not need a Saltwater Fishing License)
  • You can get the application for the Saltwater Products License here

What you need to catch Lionfish

Most experienced Lion Tamers prefer the shorter, lionfish-specific pole spears, but sometimes a longer spear can be an advantage in reaching spooked lionfish that are hiding out in structure.

Multiple prongs are better at holding the speared lionfish in place on the end of your spear. It is relatively easy to scrape speared lionfish into a retention tube or bag with these tips, and you minimize the likelihood of a fish sliding up the shaft.

Tubes like the Zookeeper are the preferred retention method for Lionfish hunters. Tubes are very quick and easy to detach a speared lionfish and offer total protection from spines.

Sunrise Marina sells many sizes of pole spears, Zookeepers, shears and fin resistant Hexarmour gloves.

Handling Lionfish to supply Grills

Above all else the fish need to be well iced immediately. After the fish are dead and chilled, accidental fin sticks are not nearly as severe. Each fish needs to be gutted and the venomous fins clipped. The 18 venomous fins are located on the dorsal, pectoral and anal fins. The flowery side fins are not venomous and should be left in tact. The lionfish needs to be a minimum of 7 oz.

Please bring the fish to Port Canaveral Grills. They accept fish between the hours of 7am and 3pm through the prep room procurement staff. Bring a copy of your Saltwater Products License.